Top 3 Gaming Consoles to Obtain in UAE

by Hadley

Gaming has been around for decades. Previously it was done through old consoles that had to be supplied with a disc whereas nowadays digital copies are being sold. The advent of technology has caused this change. The introduction of many practices like DRM (Digital Rights Management) and anti-cheat engines made it possible.

The hardware has also improved since then and that is the reason why new consoles are being introduced every few years. Gaming enthusiasts are always on the look for new experiences and games. However, it might a hassle for a common consumer to pick the right console for their budget and performance requirements. Therefore, you will find some good options for your choice in this blog:

1-PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly, the best console when we look at the price-to-performance ratio. Supporting a 4K display resolution and a refresh rate of 120 fps, it promises a smooth and stunning gameplay which is bound to capture all your attention. It comes with a Dual-Sense controller which has brilliant haptic feedback to ensure interaction between the virtual and real world. The extremely fast SSD eliminates the lag and latency while loading games. Moreover, the ray-tracing feature has the capability to enhance the quality of graphics through AI algorithms. A library of many games can be accessed and downloaded depending on choice of user. But the PlayStation Plus subscription has to be purchased to play online with friends. Now get the PlayStation 5 through Noon coupon.

2- Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is one of the best consoles available today. Backward- compatibility is one of the most striking features against its competitors. This means playing games which run on previous consoles. A gigantic 1TB of storage is sufficient for all your gaming requirements. The Quick resume feature helps to pause the game, to prevent any unsaved progress in the game to be lost. However, subscription of Xbox Game Pass has to be bought to play the backward-compatible games as well as multiplayer games. The controllers may also need to be synchronized sometimes. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) produces a wide range of colors to create the display more vibrant. Even after such impressive features the quietness of this console is remarkable. All this in just AED 1149.

3- Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a popular hand-held gaming device. It can be connected to the TV using the HDMI port to display the game on a big screen. Otherwise, the 7-inch OLED screen and the 64GB storage is a game changer at this form factor. The attractive and ergonomic design makes it easier to hold and do gaming for long periods of time. The joysticks and buttons are responsive and soft. Battery life is recommended at 9 hours. The HD Rumble feature gives immersive experience of the game. However, only a few game options are available. The multiplayer mode can be turned on for free. Friends can play locally with two or more Joy-Con controllers too.