Baking Pizza with A Gozney Dome S1 Pizza Oven with Stand Sold by BBQs 2u

by Hadley

BBQs 2u has been a leading seller of good quality barbeque products all over UK. They have all types of barbeques for you like portable or heavy ones, gas or charcoal ones. They have barbeques for everyone.

Even if you are new to this grilling, they can help you with all the knowledge that they have, as they are very passionate about their work.

Some of the most popular brands they sell are Kamado Joe barbeques, Masterbuilt Gravity series, Blackstone griddles, Gozney Pizza ovens, Ooni pizza ovens, and many more.

They sell products at a very competitive prices online and provide you with the best customer service that you deserve.

Gozney Dome Pizza Ovens

Gozney has an extensive variety of pizza ovens, with a special technique of wood-fired cooking. It is just perfect to be used by both chefs and new learners. It is very good with the flavor, performance and versatility of the product.

There are two ranges of Gozney pizza ovens:

  • Gozney Roccbox
  • Gozney Dome

Both have their unique features that make them give you the desired result. They both make use of the ancient practice of cooking with fire.

Gozney Dome S1 Pizza Oven with Stand

The Gozney Dome S1 with stand is a new product launched that will look perfect in your outdoor kitchen. They are made with a premium quality material that is durable and versatile when it comes to cooking delicious dishes. You can not only bake pizzas but also roast or smoke a chicken the way you want.

The Gozney dome S1 is specially designed so that it can reach the temperature of 950°F within a matter of 60 seconds with the help of a quick start rolling gas flame.

This means you can make your favorite pizzas in less than a minute. It has a heat retention technique and gas power that is similar to the one you find in any of the Gozney ovens.

This makes it possible for you to bake crispy and crusty pizzas at home, just like the one you get in the restaurant.

Below are the dimensions of the pizza oven:

  • The Oven Mouth: Width 410mm and height is 120mm.
  • Outside dimensions: 634mm H x 628mm D x 730mm W
  • Internal dimensions: 190mm H x 470mm x 550mm W

This product weights around 48.6 Kg (With packaging is 55.5 Kg)

One great feature about Gozney dome S1 pizza oven is that it can maintain the temperature consistently, making it possible to cook the pizza perfectly.

The interior of this product is spacious, that it can cook varieties of dishes in less time. It has a flexible cooking option, which makes it a great oven to cook any new recipes that you wish to try.

This product comes with a digital thermometer to check the temperature while cooking. It has a removable cordierite stone, which is easy to clean.

Along with all this, you will also get many different accessories that can work well with the oven. The most significant positive point about this product is that it comes with a stand that enables you to cook meals at the perfect height that you want.

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