How to Choose the Best Domain Name

by Hadley

Your domain name is the online address that your users use to reach out to your online store or website. In simple words, a domain name makes it easy for your customers to find you online. Therefore, you need to choose a domain name that is unique, easy to remember, and spells as well. Yes, you can use a subdomain for free initially for your business. But, when you want people to understand your brand or business purpose, buying a domain from a trusted domain registration company is a must-do job.

 Purpose to Register for a Domain Name

Domain name creates identity online for individuals, businesses, and/or organizations preparing to have a stable presence online. Along with maintaining professionalism online, domain registration helps businesses/individuals/organizations protect copyrights and trademarks that help to create brand credibility, awareness, and position on all major SERPs.

7 Steps to Choose the Best Domain Name

Buying a domain from an ICANN and InRegistry accredited domain registration company is not all that you think of during a domain purchase. There are a few things to cater to. Your domain name should be relevant to the business/service/product you offer. So, there are more things to undergo before your register a domain name for your website.

Let’s uncover the things step by step,

  1. Brainstorm Relevant Keywords: It means that you need to choose relevant keywords that go fit to your business/industry/service. Next, you need to incorporate the same keyword in your domain name that says about your brand. For example: if you are in the food business, try to take domains like,,, etc.
  2. Keep it Short and Simple: As we said earlier, a domain name should be easy to remember. Make sure, users can spell it, type it on a small device (phone/tab), and relate to it easily. It should relate to your brand/company name.
  3. Make it Brandable: The domain name should reflect what you are selling/doing online. The more it sounds professional and resonates with your brand the more it can attract users. A brand name echoing domain gets stuck in users’ minds faster and people can recognize it whenever they see or hear about it easier.
  4. Check for Availability: Domain names are sold first come first served basis. So, you need to check whether the domain name you have decided to register is available or not. You can check this using the “Domain Name Availability Search Box”. Whatever domain registration company you select to register your domain, you get the search box right there.
  5. Consider SEO Factors: A right domain name gives you a boost in SEO factors. So, make sure,
  • Your domain name matches your brand/company name.
  • Go for TLD (Top Level Domain) with popular extensions like .com, .in,, .org, .net, etc.
  • Don’t include hyphens or numbers in your domain name.
  • If possible, try to include a keyword/key phrase in your domain that relates to your new/established business.

But, make sure, your domain should be easy to read and it ensures brand appeal.

  1. Get Feedback and Test: Before registering the domain name don’t forget to collect feedback from your business partner, colleagues, and most essentially from your targeted audiences. You can run a survey or ask for a community vote to gather feedback. Social media polls can be a great option in this regard. You can also consider the A/B domain name testing method to decide the best domain name.
  2. Register and Protect Your Domain: Finally, you can register your domain name from a trusted domain registration company. It would take hardly 2 hours to get registered. One more thing, don’t forget to buy an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your domain from hackers. It provides HTTPS to your website and keeps all data safe from hackers.

 To Sum It Up….

A domain name provides a strong identity to your brand and ensures your online presence. So, keep it short and precise for your users. And if possible, buy a keyword-relevant domain name for effective online marketing and SEO benefits.

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